Covenant Conversations

Prayer can be a whisper.

Prayer can be a shout.

It can be a laugh of victory or the tears of remorse.

Prayer is words often surrounded by the echos of the heart.

Prayer is a conscious awareness of the proximity of God, even when bewailing his apparent absence.

Demons tremble when the saints are in prayer and angels are dispatched at the cries of Gods covenant people.

And that is the basis of our prayer that they are covenant conversations.

God is under no obligation to consider the claims of those outside the covenant[ although in His great mercy He does often respond to those who in ignorance call upon an unknown God] but for those under the blood of the covenant, He has bound Himself by pure grace to hear and reply to the claims, cries and confessions of His purchased people.

This gives incredible confidence to the second born sons of God, that the First- born has purchased for us a seat at the table of the Divine family. Our cries for a hearing are not wispy words and vague wishes of unfounded hope uttered into the ether of the universe, but are the confidant approach to the throne of grace, upon whom is seated the Creator and Owner of the universe who also happens to be our loving and beloved Father.

When a covenanted child of God approaches the seat of unlimited power, he/she doesn’t come as a beggar hoping not to be rebuffed, instead our approach is joyous reverence and the security of a credited confidence. Angels, seraphim and cherubim move aside at the drawing near of a child of God and the mystery of redemption holds them in awe.

Covenant is not something the western mind comprehends too well and no culture can fully grasp the miracle of being a blood brother, in Christ, to the Creator. But this is not something for the intellect, it’s spiritually discerned. God has bound Himself through the blood of the Divine Son of God to a positive response to the reconciled and redeemed.

We who know we should be rejected by a holy God are instead received in His eternal embrace. We who deserve judgement and righteous wrath, instead receive mercy and the cleansing of the Father’s forgiveness. We who would welcome the status of slavery are instead called heirs and co-heirs with Christ. It’s the majesty and wonder of the covenant.

King David once welcomed the grandson of his worst enemy,Saul, into his household and gave him a place at his table. The one called Mephibosheth crippled and belonging to the wrong family line was welcomed by a unilateral pronouncement of the King. This is one of the pictures God gives in His word of the incredible privilege of the child of God. Spiritually crippled, healed and restored. Outcasts reconciled. Enemies receiving grace. Sons of evil transformed into sons of righteousness.

This New Covenant has changed every thing for the sons of men. No longer do we need to stumble through this life relying on our own feeble  abilities but now we have divine imputation that has made us alive to God. The external regulations of the Old Covenants have not been dispensed with, but something far more splendid and miraculous. They have been internalized so that we who once were dead in our sins and trespasses with no ability to please God and no desire to do so, have now been enlightened and enlivened to call upon God with pure hearts washed clean by the eternal blood of the covenant.

Our prayers under this new dispensation are grounded and founded on the bedrock of covenant. A covenant initiated and fulfilled by God Himself. And now wonder of wonders, we, the saints, the sanctified ones, the set apart know that our words weak and faulty as they may be, are welcomed into the throne room of the Living God Himself.

The wise will make much use of this privilege of prayer.


About glennchristopherson

Australian by birth, Christian by second birth. Saved by the grace of God in 1983. Driven by a love for Christ and His Church and a healthy scepticsm of man and his 'church'. As a former ordained minister and church planter, I've seen first hand the beauty and power of the redeemed of the Lord and the bondage and foolishness of carnal religion. Religion is political, the Church is relational; religion is bondage, the Church lives in liberty, religion directs men to itself, the Church directs men to Christ; religion is full of self appointed policemen, the Church is God appointed ambassadors and an Embassy of Prayer
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5 Responses to Covenant Conversations

  1. it would do me some good to spend some time with you in prayer – when it comes to prayer you certainly seem to be in a place I would like to one day be 🙂

  2. Thanks Adam for visiting and your kind comments.

  3. Jake Christopherson says:

    Loving it Dad, this inspires me to move my ideas of prayer past the simplistic needs and wants list and the last minute desperate plea of a man who could only have gotten into such a state by the repeated ignoring of the Lords directing and turn it to the lifelong relationship building communication that is evident in the heros of Gods word and in the life of my own father.

    love ya, Jake

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