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Imagine That

There are at least two songs that are perennial favourites amongst the demonic horde. Frank Sinatra’s ” My Way” for obvious reasons, and John Lennon’s “Imagine” Lennon’s ode to atheism is a little strange coming from someone who immersed himself in nearly every … Continue reading

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Too many “Christians”

Don’t panic. I haven’t abandoned the faith. I love the brethren. Most times I even like them. The problem I have is what goes by the name Christian. We have Christian radio and Christian TV. There are Christian businesses and Christian sporting … Continue reading

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Obamas birth; Osamas death… and the greatest conspiracy

Some people, evidently sane in other areas, don’t believe in conspiracies. Somehow these folks have made it to adulthood without learning any history or reading any newspapers or in the case of Christians without reading the Bible. Conspiracies are a part … Continue reading

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