The Word

The Creator God gave man the ability to read, the gift of rational thought and the desire to worship. Then He gave us a Book to study, containing eternal words to ponder and all we need to know about Whom to direct our worship to. All through the ages evil men and fallen angels have held back nothing in their wicked desire to discredit and extinguish the only God authored Book in history. Tyrants have banned it, religious authorities have burned it and the wise have believed it. This Book reveals the corrupt heart of man, the loving Holiness of God and the only means of changing the former and reconciling with the latter. It has been slandered, mocked and treated with scorn. It has had its words twisted and its priorities ignored… and often by those who claim allegiance to its Author. Yet still it stands, immutable, eternal and invincible. God’s word still holds up the standard of divine truth, it still humbles the proud and exalts the humble it still births life into the dead spirits of men. It still speaks of sin and Saviour, judgement and pardon, the weakness of men and the strength of God. It still births faith, promotes godliness and condemns arrogant unbelief. The acceptance of it (or rejection of it) in this life has consequences for eternity.
“Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will never pass away” …Jesus Christ of Nazareth Mt 24:35


About glennchristopherson

Australian by birth, Christian by second birth. Saved by the grace of God in 1983. Driven by a love for Christ and His Church and a healthy scepticsm of man and his 'church'. As a former ordained minister and church planter, I've seen first hand the beauty and power of the redeemed of the Lord and the bondage and foolishness of carnal religion. Religion is political, the Church is relational; religion is bondage, the Church lives in liberty, religion directs men to itself, the Church directs men to Christ; religion is full of self appointed policemen, the Church is God appointed ambassadors and an Embassy of Prayer
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3 Responses to The Word

  1. sonia says:

    Well done Glenn.

  2. ian vincent says:

    Mate, i think u should keep your blog updated and give it airtime on FB as there are many believers who avoid FB. It would be good to get your blog more circulation. That way FB folks can share your links with non FBs.

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