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Australian by birth, Christian by second birth. Saved by the grace of God in 1983. Driven by a love for Christ and His Church and a healthy scepticsm of man and his 'church'. As a former ordained minister and church planter, I've seen first hand the beauty and power of the redeemed of the Lord and the bondage and foolishness of carnal religion. Religion is political, the Church is relational; religion is bondage, the Church lives in liberty, religion directs men to itself, the Church directs men to Christ; religion is full of self appointed policemen, the Church is God appointed ambassadors and an Embassy of Prayer

The Word

The Creator God gave man the ability to read, the gift of rational thought and the desire to worship. Then He gave us a Book to study, containing eternal words to ponder and all we need to know about Whom to … Continue reading

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The offence of the gospel.

After being blocked recently by a “professional evangelist” for challenging him on his universalistic “gospel”, I started to wonder, yet again, why is the gospel so offensive to people. To people generally and even to those within churches and EVEN to professional religionists. … Continue reading

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Reading the Bible biblically.

We live in a day when many reject God’s word out of hand. They are easy to debate for the ignorance they have of the word of God is easily proved. But there are those who actually believe they believe, … Continue reading

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Doctrine and devotion

Cold, dead orthodoxy is just as much a slander of God as wild-eyed heresy. All true doctrine is devotional. And all godly devotion is doctrinal. The truth of the gospel always crushes mens pride and pronounces judgement on apathy. It … Continue reading

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You must be born again

I’ve come to the sad conclusion that much of what goes by the name church today is really unregenerate religion. Not just the in the Roman cult or the liberal mainliners but the evangelical pentecostal supposedly bible believing church. This … Continue reading

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2 Timothy 4:10 …for Demas has forsaken me, having loved this present world… Paul, the battled scarred veteran of so many years of spiritual conflict writes from a damp prison cell to Timothy, his protegé. In the midst of the encouragement and … Continue reading

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The command to judge

To judge: To form an opinion or estimation after careful consideration It’s never a good idea to get our theology from the devil. Jesus refuted satan in the wilderness when the serpent tried to “spin” the scripture to trap our Lord. One … Continue reading

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